Hostel Accommodation is available for Girls Students with a capacity of 120 students , Hostel provide all amenities such as stand by Generator , Mess , Water from submersible jet line , Television , In door and Outdoor Games,. The Hostel is under the supervision of lady Matron, Male members are not allowed in the Hostel premises. The Hostel is Under CCTV surveillance for the safety of Girls students.


The Library is completely computerized and uses bar coding system with the help of tech lib 7 software . It contains a rich collection of 7919 books,105 Print Journals, 3 Magazines & Daily 3 titles of News papers, Employment oriented Newspapers, collection of Dictionaries, Archive books,Encyclopedias, Project Reports. Library is under CCTV Surveillance.


  1. 1. Seminar Hall / Auditorium
  2. 2. Class rooms
  3. 3. Play ground
  4. 4. Laboratories
  5. 5. Canteen
  6. 6. Stand By Generator
  7. 7. The College Premises Are Under CCTV Surveillance For Safety Of Girls / Faculty
  8. 8. Entry To The Campus is Under Control Of Security Guard
  9. 9. Wi-Fi facility